does anyone here do some kind of sport?

i would like to see if anyone does any special sports…or play any special instruments…

i do Jiu-Jitsu…which is a kind of selfdefence…

what do u mean “special” sports?

i play:
AFL (aussie rules footy)

drums (a bit)

i mean…for example…selfdefence isnt a sport you see every day…

for example football is very common…

well, i play the violin, the guitar and im state lvl at swimming., soon ill be playing viola too.

robotics all the way!! not a very well known sport i think. i just started a year ago.

I do skateboading. It’s classed as “extreme”.

I play ultimate (aka - frisbee). I’ve been playing it for about 4 years competively. Its an awesome sport.

I snowboard…
ive been doing it for 6 years now

i swim and on my way to be a life guard
ive been on a swim team for 3 years now

I do Soccer, Wing Chun Kung Fu, play the flute and surf quite a bit.

I play Soccer, Basketball swim and a little Piano

At school i play AFL a lot as well.

TheHighlyPKAbleOne and I both do track… Not together of course.

ya i do football…i am starting full back for a junior varsity team… and im a 9th grader…we were 6-2

i play football, lacrosse, baseball, hockey, and basketball track and skiing too but idk if theyre considered sports…