Does anyone here go on Reddit?

Hey, just wondering if anyone on here goes on Reddit. I’m sure there’s quite a few. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, if you do, what subreddits do you guys frequent?

I usually just look at whatever pictures from imgur get posted on there. Passes my time at work.

Yeah. I spend quite a bit more time on there than I probably should.

I wonder if we could somehow garner attention for RSR through the Runescape Subreddit. I’m not sure if that’d be viable or not, but I was thinking about it earlier today.

I think we need to decide if we are for sure keeping a runescape theme or not before bothering.

But, to answer the on topic question: No I don’t. In my experience it’s just another chan but now more than just internet warriors use it.
… And the memes are less funny.

I go on the LoL subreddit and that’s about it :\ Some posts are good, others are pretty stupid

Only end there if something directs me to it. Mostly LoL related. So nope, don’t really go on it. Don’t see a reason to.