does anyone here make sigs for free?

i need a sig and i dont wanna pay 14 billion gp so can anyone do this? it’s be greatly appreciated.

I’m not great at making them, but I had a try making my own, down at the bottom there :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t mind trying if you want me to have a go at it.

hey thats a pretty good sig yea i just want one of like my skills and say “frogmaster13” in a fany font or sumthin. heres my skills: wait…how do you post a pic?

ImageShack I find the best, umm, can’t remember the URL, type it in google and you’ll find it…

ok heres my skills

Ok, I’m working on it

thank you very much i am forever in your debt!

No offense but I can make waybetter sigs than those.

I’ll get started as soon as my Photoshop ships.


ah well his sigs are good enough for me thanx anyway

Lol my sigs are too good for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Naa I’ll make it free, you won’t regret it.

What pic you want on it?

uh…that dudes already makin me one…but i can always use two! ok do you have a pic from…hmm…lord of the rings? oooo im an elite member!

I can make you a sig for free :stuck_out_tongue: If you ever need anymore I can make you one :slight_smile:

ok pete and kupi—whatever i got to go for a while but just leave the sigs on there and ill get them. thanks both of you alot! sorry for double posting. oh thanks redwraith you kept me from doing that. no thanks tho i already got two coming.

Hope this is ok!

ok thanks pete its pretty good

Kupiton, no offence taken, I can’t make GIF’s with the poor programs I have, and I’m sure you can do a better job!

Frogmaster, I could probably make a better sig if i could just have a screenshot of your character / non-resized stats.

yea and my runecrafting level has raised two levels and it’d be nice to have my prayer all the way up…heres a pic of character:
and my skills: