Does it go up in bulk?

okay…my new goal is 80 woodcut. And i used a calc to see how many yews/money thatll give me. 8k yews! (this is from 65wc) I am starting when holiday start (thanks giving and its wed) (sad story…got hacked lost money…dont wanna merchant for now but not the point)

ANWAYS…if i get the 8k yews…does the price for them go up? instead of 300ea is it more?


not really 300 is allmost the top you might find someone too buy for 320 but its rare

Okay Thanks

It’s mostly 250 but that’s members, might be different for non members

320 can be found on the forums (rs ones) i’ve sold them for that all the time

Hmm…maybe ill post here :smiley: Lol. Okay. Im guessing that pretty much clears it up.

Without using the rs forums, it’s preeetty hard to get a buyer for yew logs for 300 each, unless prices have gone up from before. It used to be 300 was standard price, then 250, then 200, then 250. Might be 300 now.

People will buy for 300 on world 1. But alot of 280-295. So it stays there no matter the ammount?