does runescape work on your computer?

it dosnt work on my computer

With problems cause my computer is crappy but it works for the most part… Sorry that it doesn’t work on yours…

Yes, it works just fine on my computer. It lags once in a while when I am on a crowded server like world 1, but other than that, it’s fine.

works fine on mine

It lags like crazy when I go bank at the West bank in Varrock on world 1 cause all of those people tryin to sell their stuff… But then again, my computer is that crappy so it lags like crazy…

well duh every1 here plays runescape

works fine on my winxp computer but not stable on mac

if you have any ideas why runescape wont work on my computer
it shows a red X in the corner

polraudio, you might need to download a javascript plugin or somethin. Mine works fine but it lags sometimes. But on my dads it has no lag but I have to have it on low quality cause my dads comp is bad.

i should try that.

Yeah that is the problem because your computer doesn’t have the capabilities to show it, you need the whole java thing.

I works on mine, lagging occasionaly.

it works fine on mine

Mine works fine.

i tryd your idea it works now.
thanks you were alot of help.

It works perfectly fine on my computer…

It works OK on mine, but only because I have an original iMac with a G3, which is so [browser unable to process such a vast amount of obscenities] slow that RS just kind of jerks along.

It- s a- bit- li- ke t- his- , if- you- ge- t wh- at I’- m s- at- ing.

Try downloading the windows client 2 for rs on the Then play as an unsigned java applet in low detail. This will guarantee ur cache will save. Post if it doesnt work.

my computer works fine on runescape but not when theres a big crowd of people

Try contacting Runescape they might have ideas to help you.

ya but slow