Does sickmate h8 iced

I was walking through varrock and look what i saw!!!

Ebony shut up you are always trying to create a conflict… And that probably isn’t even true

I was merely informing iced of what sickmate said

Lol, it’s fake, look at the color…

Lmao! Sickmate’s name is Mr. Jek… not Mr Jek… Nice try Ebony.

Looks fake as the username and the text in the chat box are not even.

Hey smarty in runescape there is no dot.
I got the picture of his name cos we went to barrows and i got it then…i also have a 100 more =p

Yeh i did it in 2 mins…the one with daverick in my sig is perfect tho lol

Lol I understand you don’t like iced but, lay off him! He’s a moderator if he gave you four warnings then youd deserve it!

I want a straight out answer, are these fake or real? no Dinking around, Yes or No, and if i find out otherwise…

ya…just lay off dude

I think it was a fake but what are you gonna do?

why r you stirring?

ice is a cool mod i think ebony is jealous why he isnt a mod…
and deadmanwalkn give ebony a warning or four :P:P:P:P:P:P:P

wow… ebony ur my friend but htis is stirring alot of trouble.

It looks to me like a fake. Looks like he said that in the game, not sickmate.

its a fake… the letters are out of line

theres nothing wrong with it

I bet its real, so everyone stop saying its a fake because it looks real to you!

Locked, it’s a fake, stop trying to create conflicts ebony.