Dogboy776 and Coolcicada DM on Video!

Click here to watch Dogboy776-and-Coolcicada-DM-42506

Im 85 Combat, he’s 87

It was a fun DM BTW - give backs

Edit: This is probably the first DM on video on RsR in like its whole history.


nice fight =)

cool i likes dms1

very nice dm.

its bigger now…but still kinda small im not gonna UL it again so meh. its big enof to see it

nice fight except that coolcicada never skulled :o

point being…? it was a fun fight

Nice one you got a good kill there

it was for givebacks

good fight…you owned him. I don’t think he was using all three prayers that you were because he only recharged like 3 times

good fight! I like how you fought right next to the alter thats a good idea and you owned pretty nicely.

I only used Ult Str…Good fight

0o0o0o, i used all 3 prayers :smiley:

Wonderful…it was interesting