Doin the chicken dance all around the world

kinda pointless and meesily done but i just wanted to post the pics.

Nah, it’s cool! w00t w00t

Go Chicken Dance!

ya chicken dance rocks 10/10

w00t 400th post and 4 crowns :-p

go chicken dance![/quote]

aw the chicken dance…the worlds most silent killer! I love it lol

EDIT: Hello from the future! The date is November 3rd 2007, and I would like to apologize to all of you that might read this ill fated post.

Awesome! Who’s the guy in the rune (g)?

LOL, nicely done… But yeah, like michaelks said… I’ve been wondering who the guy in the rune is considering he’s always next to you either standing there or doing the chicken dance as well… Seeing as he appears in over half of the pics… Is he just a random person? But yeah nicely done…

Your right, this is pointless, but kinda neat in a way lol. :roll:

chicken dance!
off topic-why did the member names change back 2 normal?

ya chicken dance rocks 10/10

w00t 400th post and 4 crowns :-p[/quote]
yea this rocks i give it 10/10 good jooob u did it every where good idear too

GHETTO!!! 10/10

I’m sorry if the word “ghetto” isn’t allowed here, it is jsut lsang, but if it isn’t I apologize.

That was awsome!! i love chiken dance!

hey, the guy in the rune (g) armor, is he like your friend?