domain help

i have my forum, and i would like to get a domain so i dont have to type such a long address. if you know of any web site that lets you do that for free please tell me.

you can get .tk or . for free

so… its impossible to get a .com domain for free.

not exactly… Look for rewards sites and sign up and refer friends you get points and you can get domains, ipods, psp’s, Amazon shooping cards and more

do you know of any of site like that?

For free, a .com, is impossible - UNLESS you work for a hosting company. You can get ones for around $1 a month though - worth it.
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oh, ok… i would pay $1 a month for it, but for me, its impossible to pay money online (parents…).btw, thanks for the help.

You could always set up a paypal account, and then use to get the money.
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Yeah, but isn’t that like $25 for a million hits?

I use yahoo domains. It’s $2.99 a year for .com