Don't give scam accounts a chance!

Another forum I attend uses a 2 post check system. This means that a new account’s first 2 posts can’t be visible in the forums until cleared by a mod. If their their just making another idiot lie, they can be banned on the spot!

Good idea, but then they would have 2 posts be ok and the next few scams…

Its a good idea, but it would be difficult for moderators to keep up. If you watch, the new member thing at the bottom is always different, every time you refresh a page it seems. Well, if the mods had to watch EVERYONE of their posts, it’d take forever, and drive most away because they’d think they weren’t allowed.

If a message about this was to be displayed after their posts, they wouldn’t have known ahead of time to avoid getting nabbed. Also, a message afterwards would let good newbies know they were allowed, and at the same time make the forums look better. As for time to review posts, well, it couldn’t take that long to breifly look over a post, could it? (nost of us can spot a scam before even opening the thread!)

Yes, but the wait would make them get off, and possibly forget. I do it alot.

It sounds good. A few forums I used to go on made it so you had to have like 10 posts to access all the parts of the forum (that wouldn’t be good for here tho, the other forum was a skinning forum). But, as the above person has showed^, after someone found out they could create a new acc and do what geebay just did… I like the idea tho, the first time they wouldn’t know and could get i.p. banned. It would be up to the mods… they would have to do more work than they are already doing.