Dont ya love shiny quarters?

Who reckons shiny quarters are the best?

Shiny dimes are better! <<… >>… Runs away fast as I can before someone hunts me down for saying that

Shiny quarter! Shiny Quarter!! Shiny quarter!!!

grabs his spear and begins hunting down germiniman where are you, teach you to say shiny dime!!


8O … AHH!!! Runs away on a hill [shout] Shiny dimes are better cause their smaller and compact and 10 of them make a dollar…[/shout]

I will kill you. I’ll take that dime and shove it down your throat. I will make sure that dime is the last thing you feel before I shove it down your throat.

:twisted: i’ll get you ya dime loving hippy! comere… :twisted:

i’ve gtg, i’ll be back later have fun (sorry bout doublt post but this post doesn’t fit in with the one before)

O_O;;;… AHH… Help me, Do wa jo yo, Aide-moi, *Insert the spanish equivalent to help me here, daskete, crackle, pop, snap Gets beaten down by IcedEarth15324 and i_luv_rs @_@… Ugh, I can’t feel my legs or my arms…

Ahhh, he still has arms and legs, get him.

lol serves you right for loving dimes!
:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

You know… If you could do that to the spammers who come here to terrorize the RSR forums… That would help other spammers to stay away from here… Other than that… Is paralyzed and cannot do much since my body is failing me…

yes i would love…absolutely love to do that to all spammers

stupid quarter huggers…nickels are so much better


Shiny!! Shiny! Shiny! starts singing cult like tone while dancing around the quarter anyone got a polisher?

shiny! i like shiny! hahahaha

Just you wait… So my dime has failed in turning all of you into shiny dime lovers but now I have a secret weapon that will convert you from all shiny quarters… Behold the awesome power of the Shiny Sacajawea U.S. Dollar Coin… HAHAHA…

All shall bow down in front of the gold-plated shiny coin…

I have to agree, nickels are better. I mean, yeah, they’re worth less, but they’re smaller and thicker. Actually, the nickel has an interesting history. Did you know that it wa SHINY NICKEL!!! (dives on ground). :twisted: HA! None of you are gettin down on this. Suckers!!! (runs away with nickel)

Quarters all the way! (even though I live in Britain -.-")

Nickels are better then stupid dimes. hahahhahahahahha shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny shiny!!!hahahahahahahahahaha hahahaaaaaaaaaa shiny stuffffffffff shiny thingsssssss…Shiny!!!*oooooo look a nickel…Its all mine!!!My nickel mine!!!I love shiny nickels!!!Sees a little kid with a shiny nickelAnd gusse what its all mine!!!

MY NICKEL!! (pulls out a fish and whacks Goku79 over the head repeatedly) Mine! Give me nickel!

Hey, (looks around) where’d that guy with the dimes go anyway?