don't you miss the good old days as a noob?

I remember when i first started runescape, I got obsessed with it the first day i started. So this topic is to remember how stupid we acted as a noob.

Ohhhhh yeah. :lol:
sigh The good old days sigh
I too also got obsessed with Runescape on my first time.

same here,but i didn’t liked it that everyone said noob to me when i asked them for help :evil:

lol yeh it was nice wen we were noobs n life was simple…ah the gd old days lol

first time i saw a santa i offered bout 2k for it(i was a noob)

he laughed and called me a noob :frowning:

Yeah, there have been some goods and bads to being a noob.

payed 5k for a magic staff lol… yeah i was that noobish

Lol, I never payed too much for stuff cause I have learned that when you start out in a new game to always be independent (Or get free items from your friends) untill you know what to do…

ya i remember those days…

i remember this one time when i went to wild and some guy died with full addy and i took the stuff. then i went to varrocks and sold all of it for 1k. i thought that was alot of money back then. :cry:

I once found a rune ore on the ground and traded it for a magic staff when I was a noob.

Yeah I remember when I was a newb… I was too scared to leave Lumby because I was afraid that people were gonna PK me when I left the city… Then one of my friends told me that people who have to PK setting can only attack other people who have set their characters with the PK setting option… And of course my friend new that I had set my character to non-PK at the time since that was the default…

im da noobinator

i remember wen i was a noob. my friend died to a bear and lost a mind tali. and he was soo mad and i was laughing at him so bad. meanwhile its so easy to get them.

i remember when i was a noob… main place i remember was about level 15-20 up to 30-35 the dwarven mines was my home i learned early on some prices of items but not all of them ocassionally i still ask for price quotes and i loved how much the dwarves droped i would get like 10k a day if i was at it for a while… but that was when the iron and bronze drops were more frequent… lol

only bad thing is when people call u a noob thats the only reason i started to get stronger but now i help noobs

i remember, on my first day i finished the Restless Ghost quest and went to Varrock for help on my second Imp Catcher. Someone said they would take me to find imps and they took me to wildy. I got uneasy but they promised not to attack, and I actually believed them at Lvl 42 Wildy :oops: .

Best thing in Rs is to find something new in the game, once you’ve been on rs for long, there’s nothing more.

nicely put, it does seem true.

When I was a noob I used to mine my ores smelt them and repeat I never twigged onto mass mining. I never saw how easy it was to train. It was fun discovering new things though :wink:

i found it better because it wouldn’t rtake hours on end training