Dos and donts of free members

Can someone tell me what free members can do and not do in terms of wearing armor (whichever kind) and using weapons (whichever kind).?

members can use all weapons except: dragon, castle wars, excalibur, other members quest stuff

Armor: anything up to rune… can also use trimmed and i believe gold. not god. not dragon. not castle wars

but i heard u can wear god if ur not a member, u just need to buy it :twisted:

hmm… not so sure about god… =/

Non-members can wear the god armor.

Yeah, members can wear the god armor, thye just need to buy it. They are very expensive though, and members can get them for free after solving a hard treasure trail :slight_smile:

can free players wear dragonstone ring and amulet? :twisted:

nope, thats definately member…

so are all the other rings (i think)

AH, anyone know if thats true 100%? :twisted:

i know the gloryammy/wealth ring is 100%true…

all of the enchanted rings r members only and the dragon stone ammy is members only

Halbreds, spears, bows higher then oak. Most of the items f2p can wear are very accessible in f2p worlds. Some other weapons are throwing knives, throwing axes, darts…

enchanted amulets arent though you just cant enchant them when ur free

Not all of this is true.

let me sum this up, trimmed, gold, and god armor can be worn by members, bows better than oak are memers only, all enchanted things are members only, werewolf boots r members only, the only gloves/boots/capes that non members can wear are the wereworlf gloves

Just out of curiosity, what are stats of the god armors? :twisted:

I thought the god armors didn’t do a single stat boost… Kinda like trimmed… Sorry, call me a noob all you want but are werewolf gloves better in stats than green dragonhide vampbraces?

I agree; I am 95% sure this is correct…

all enchanted things arent members- f2p can wear all enchanted ammies except dragonsotne and the only boots available are regular ones and only gloves are yellow,regular,purple, and red. all tirmmed, gold, and god can be worn by f2p members only if bought. Samark said u cant enchant amulets but f2p members can. Halbreds, spears, bows better than oak, dragonhide better than green, throwing knives, throwing axes, and darts are all members only. all enchanted rings are members only but f2- can wear non-enchanted rings. dragon, castle wars, dwarf cannon, and any member quest item is members only. this is al l100% accurate.

Yep, thats right.