down with authority

Don’t really get it if it’s supposed to symbolize something…?

see the “A” in the middle? thats an anarchist symbol…


i still dont’ get it…


Okay… maybe you should get something other than paint.

He means down with the government. Anarchy is where there is no chaos and only the ruthless survive. It is complete chaos.


dude ur pics arent thet good sorry to crush ur pride :twisted:

i would extremely love to see some of your pics, honestly lets see some of yours then you can say all you want

ya dont make pics cuz i no they will be bad i dont make bad ones and go like o ya look at my pic woooo

This is going to start flamming up.I think your work is…makes a good point.

eh… dude u didnt even bother to make the 8s or watever they are the same size and shape… ur stuff makes a point, yes, but try to make the quality a bit better?

their not suppose to be 8’s originally they were boxes and i just out a line thru :?

erm ok, make it with more detail.