drag scimmy

i got 1 :smiley:

omg, ownage, special and max hit?

so far ive hit a 27 without special highest hit

its not as good as your whip though is it

ffs, I’ve been here for so long and can’t get one. I’m starting to get really p-ed

~ ewok

8O omg thats is soo good lol i was certain that you was gonna be the first to get it lol

w00tage! got one

~ ewok

WOOT! I want one, although it’s sooo lame that you have to do all those quests for it… I just cant be bothered although I’d love to have one!

BTW: there was someone who sold his to someone… very stupid for 22m!!! LMAO!

Total PWNage and look good job! :smiley:

did u get your from a duel mrparris

NICE, though the d scimmys stats dont look too good…+79 slash. id still prefer to dbaxe to battle with but D scimmys look awesome!

i knew tah tblink would have one, if it wasn’t the first day then soon :slight_smile:
off topic-hey ppl how much is dragon scimmy worth? and how much is dragon long worth…?

Theyre both worth 100k arent they? not sure havent gotten the scimmy yet.

how much are they at the shop?

nice dude im gunna get a few of those…yes a few you herd me right lol!! 8)

No, I bought it from the Atoll, it cost 108k, but is very hard to get due to mass amounts of people buying it.

~ ewok

So kool, looks more like a real scrimitar (real scrimitar, not in games).

Is a beauty

yah, i dont know if i want to get it

Bear in mind you need to have completed Monkey Madness to buy and wield it.

~ ewok

Everybody would prefer other weapons if it wasan’t for the fact that scimmy has SAME ATTACK SPEED AS D-DAGGER.