dragon armour

i found this pic of dragon armour rate it /10 :smiley:

Cool picture :smiley: I rate it 9/10

wtf is this real…nice pic i want that armour to rate10/10

i really found it of http://www.runescapecommunity.com

wow thats amazing compared to most of the attempts on this site…good on you for not takeing credit for it…10/10

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thast very nice 10/10 and who did it?

10/10 love the wings

wow, that would be amazing if it was real, i like the wings :stuck_out_tongue:

also plasmo, it would be better if you re-sized your avatar, or put it as your signature :slight_smile:

i have an other topic called ling armour and i have a new pic for it i edited from the dragon armour one rate it /10 :smiley:

i have an edited version :slight_smile: its not good, it only took me a few seconds lol.

dark dragon armour.

i like it kbdkc3000 i give it 9/10 :D. i did mine in a few seconds too lol :lol:

hehe, i made it look as if the amulet is like built into the chest of the armour :slight_smile: Lol

i didn’t pick that up my self i like it i give it now 9 and a half/10

hehe tnks, just put 9 1/2 / 10 lol. instead of 9 and a half lol.

i have two more that i have made i have a dragon armour one and a ling armour one rate them /10

no problems and rate my new pics that i made

your new pics arent bad, but there a bit pixelised and distorted.

also, posting twice in a row is against the rules and you may get warnings for it, try not to double post in future.

oh sorry i didnt know that in the rules.

The pics are bad because i use paint and i relarge the pic then edit then make it small again.

thanks for talking to me do you want be freinds?

i explained not to double post becuse your new member and i wouldent think you would know the rules yet :).

ALSO, why dont you just zoom on you pictures and edit them, instead of actually re-sizing them.