Dragon Armour

Does anybody knows how the dragon platebody, kiteshield and full helm will look like? And when will it be released?

If it havent been released yet, no-one will know what it looks like…

But i think that Joloijolio once made a dragon plate fake screenshots…

maybe you could look at that…

jagex r very sarcastic, we asked for horses… so we got toy horses, we ask for d plates, we get gai spinning plates with dragons… jesus.

they wont be make them because it would look gae but it would be like 1 bill for them each then we ask for jeuse and they give us god what the hell

yea they would cost a lot and most likely their not gonna be made until like RS3 comes out.

yeah the drag helm will look like it does now and the legs will look like red rune legs

by the way go acdc u rock and so does back in black which i can play on the guitar i mite add and im only a lil kid

dude what are u talkin about?

Woah a lot of things… Dragon platebody 1 billion… RS3… And balirock talking about AC~DC… Very interesting topic! Lol :smiley: and is that true what you said Ogothefat2?