Dragon Claws

There should be dragon claws. You could craft them by killing a dragon taking their claws then using them on a glove,but you know you would have to be pretty dang high to make them. 8O

Yeah… Good suggestion for a new weapon but I don’t think you can make anything that’s acutally a dragon armor or weapon…

It could be a random drop from red drags.

oK THAT IS AN AWESOME IDEA. I just wrote that in capps cuz I am so excited. Uh the special could be stealth where u ninja disappear and reapper in 8 seconds giving u a headstart run. Also protection so u could stealth creatures and/or get 3 free hits in.

that would be cool

WELL technically you can make dragon stuff. Green dragon hide red blue and black. lol But ya making it would be awesome and what would be the stats?