Dragon claws

i think this would be awesome i have a pair of rune claws but that is not enough what do you guys think?

Well, it would be good idea but they would be worth around 1 million or so and you would have to complete a chain of quests.

i think that the claws would need an amazing special in order to make people use the item, no one actually uses rune claws no offence, they are just too weak

Yes, the claws would need a very, very good special, I have never seen someone using any type of claws.

i love the rune claws spec i dont think they are that weak since i use an ammy of str all the time

Yeh cos claws is the only armour a dragon would have, i mean a green dragon dosnt exactly sport a d chain does it, and, i ask u, y does the kalphite queen drop a d chain? I eman, shes not a bloody dragon!

i totally agree

Brill idea

dragon claws would be quite kool i agree

I agree good idea