Dragon Kite + Dragon Staff Concepts

Click on the link please… photbucket aint working…
Heres The Staff…

Note im not that good at these. :slight_smile: But this one was made from scratch! :wink: hope you like it rate from 1-10 made in paint… The staff was an air staff origionally. :slight_smile:

doesn’t work

i dont see it, but just to comment i made full drag a while back, so if you want to copy off of me if you have more dragon stuff you can, like if you dont know what they should look like

nah im not gonna copy this is just a once in a while deal… :wink:

Hope you like i didn’t do many fancy things to it…

ah, i see it now, not very detailistic but nice try lol

Yea i know… um i need to actually get a kite shielf from the game lol…

heres a dragon staff for those mages out there…


nice job on the staff, it really rocks! 8/10 nice work

here it is in inv…
maybe you could make one where the persons holding it… but it doesnt have to be mine…

The staff was origionally air staff…


Im in the mood for dragon. lol…

i gotta take a shower BBS.

better than what i can do

only time will tell about that.

you could do simple things such as make your chars beard purple/pink… just and ex…

its easy to start just take a base pick and fiddle around with your paint tools :slight_smile:

I like the staff, but no comment about the kite…all together i give it 6/10

kind of small and kite is picsalated

i like the staff just wish it was bigger the shield is too big for its pixels so it becomes sqare make a little smaller

The shield looks really pixelized but the concept is nice.

i like them tho

it wants me to download it and i dont trust it

I like the staff, the kite…, well… anyway most drag weps hav specials so wud that hav 1? if it did wat would it be like?

Staff would send out a Tri-God Blast. :slight_smile: Str depends on magic level :slight_smile:

btw i made the kite from scratch thats why it looks bad… but the staff i made from air staff. :slight_smile:

all i have to say is that totally sucks demon… lol

dont worry people i am his brother
8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O
8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)