Dragon Kite

Please rate 1-10(took me 10 minutes on paint)

Wow…I really like that! That is awesome! 9.5/10. Great job, thats the best dragon kite i have seen.

mmh… not really that special… just a red kite with a pic of a dragon from drag sq pasted on it

nice picture, ill rate 9.5/10, very nice work!

Y0u th!nk y0u c4n d0 4 b3tt3r j0b? L3ts s33 urs th3n

i love it! 9.8/10

it looks ok, but its so cheesy…a kite turned red with the draogn sq thing pasted on it. you could of been more original and thought of your own look like everyone else. you just used other stuff from rs to get that one.

4/10 because its not a original.

but nice idea. and no i am not saying i can do better, i am saying its not the best.

i like it alot,

did u start from scrtch?
or did u copy a kite then color red?


10/10 but kind of small

I think its excellent work, Perfect shading and great detail.10\10

i wish they had it

i think its superb! better than i could ever do! great job, i give… hmmm hard to decide… a 9.5/10, hope you make other good pics too!

10/100 jk 10/10 grood jorb

yhats probaly close to what it will look like

kool pick 9.9/10

p.s. nice d legg calenel :slight_smile: