Dragon legs drop for me

Owned please.

how long have you been playing runescape for?

Since august of 03’

so…a year and 4 months?

congrtulations man

that’s awesome, how many drags did you have to kill before you got them???

Around 300 :cry:

u people are messed up thats so frigen fake no such things as d pl8 legs

News flash kiddo. Jagex recently had an update in which there is a new dungeon under karamja that has new places for training, and new monsters.

Among these new monsters is the Bronze dragon, Iron dragon, and Steel dragon.

Steel dragons and iron dragons i know drop the legs, not sure about bronze…i would think they do.

You sir, need to keep up with the times.

god thats awsome i wish i was stillmember i would go fight those dragons right now and wat lvl are they?

I dont know bronzes level.


Iron = level 189

Steel = level 246

WOW!!! That’s really wild! Congrats to you! BTW how did you get your sig? Got someone to make it or made it yourselve? I also thinks that you play VERY much. Maybe you are not but i started in 2002… A bit after new year.

A friend made it for me, and yes i do play a lot :oops:

steel dragons range u with fire like kbd…drag legs aint a rare drop, never ment to be :stuck_out_tongue:

drag legs should be a rare drop because now there are goin to be ppl gettin drag legs left and right

holy cow 99 range!!!
Nice pk, dragon legs!!!

i would kill for those unfourtunatly i couldnt beet any1 who had those

lucky ehhh? Nice combat btw, and i love the sig, where did you pick it up?

Wow, that’s a nice pic.

Do you know what the defense stats are of dragon med helm, dragon chainmail, and dragon platelegs?

sweet drop man! awesome!

the only way to the new dragons is to have at least 43 prayer, prayer pots, sharks and d fire sheald my freind just got em