Dragon long sword

rate it

7/10. If u draw ur own drag long u should make it look as badarse as the rs1 drawing with spikes at the base. It is the mightiest weapon and deserves much respect.


not exactly like the dragon long so 8/10 nice job if you really made that

Looking from your last three topics about the dragon battle axe, the rune longsword, and the dragon longsword, you’re just taking pictures off the internet and coloring in the blade.

good job 8/10

what? I definetly made them myself

thats a pretty cool drawing if i do say myself :wink: cool 8.9/9.765

i like it 7/10

if you did it urself 10/10 if you didnt do it 7/10

looks like the old rs1 drag long…

Pretty good…8/10

nice 8/10