Dragon Overlords, 80+ Clan Recruiting!!!

Sup fellow RS players. I am here to represent my clan::smiley:
Dragon Overlords

We are a regular clan. We do things like pk trips in p2p and also f2p occasionnaly. We also do Castlewars matches, Fight Pit matches, the like…

We are looking for more members. We have tons of fun in this clan and would like everyone to join it.:flamed:

We have a small area of requirements that you need to have in order to join:

80+ Combat
900+ Total Level
80+ Magic
80+ Range
99 Any Stat

Must have these to join clan. Every member must post regularly or you will be booted. We don’t want inactive members.

Oh, and please, no multi clanning… :no:

Our current members right now are these folks:

  1. Mr.Chipper05
  2. Sonix19
  3. Bob21312
  4. Laxplayer007
  5. Koolio500
  6. Bob jr36
  7. Dalton2233
  8. Mheyda
  9. Vert Night
  10. Jeen5000

If you are interested in seeing what our clan is like, you can check out our site at: http://s11.invisionfree.com/Dragon_Overlords/index.php?

Thanks! Can’t wait for you to be a part of our glory!!!:cool:

…:hissyfit: :shocked: