Dragon Pantlegs(REAL!)

I found what I think is dragon pantlegs. This is 100% REAL!

kewl… but they look kinda plain i mean like no horns or some kew sign on them. but still awsome picture.

I didnt get this off a website so all of you know. I found this in runescape.

i hate the look of the new dragon legs… :evil:

those r not dragon pl8 legs, those r just red archer dragon legs…

you can tell easily…

Uh… No they arent.

yes they are new dragon platelegs, the were realeased by Jagex yesterday, u can get them from the new Bronze, iron and steel dragons

How much are they worth?

ey are about 10-15 mill i think, but the price is falling so in a month or less they will be at 5 mill +

hmm can any of you release a screenshot of how they look like in the quippped box (along with the dragon kite shield)

hey speakin of those new dragons i got 2 questions r they f2p and wut r ther combat lvls and hp totals if so

The legs are worth 8m, yes they are real they are all over members world

The dragons are about as follows:
bronze:lvl 120
iron-lvl 160
steel-lvl 220
These are not exact jsut around what I remember. They have tons of hp and hit pretty hard, even the bronze one, without prayer.

hey ppl can u tell me what the corresponding hps r and whether or not they r in a multi-zone. im gonna get meh member friend to pay my membership for a day, help him get some d-legs, in exchange for some items or whatnot- its gonna be great!

You cant pay membership for one day… It is not in multi zone…They have alot of hp which makes them hard…They are a rare drop…

actually u can ive done it 1ce b4. u subscribe/unsubscribe between any 2 midnites, and ur member for a day, sometimes its free i do that when i helpin friend pick flax or something. no multi-zone… thats not fun… even tho steels r almost as strong as the KBD. i think that is pretty dumb- now even lvl 100s mite have problems killing more than a handful of steels. oh well…

With protect from melee and a couple of prayer pots they can be taken down easily by higher levels.

when u say hiher lvl do u mean me>?