Dragon Pickaxe

yet another dragon item i have made, not my best work, but enjoy

Dude thats pim to the p lol 10/10 Oh and you can so take jolio dude.:slight_smile: Believe believe believe believe believe

dude! lol! jolio is like 10 times better than me

err not ur best dude, 5/10 wats with the bumps? :?

Edit: Those are some pimpin legs though :slight_smile:

You should of put them in the same topic then it would be easier to rate but anyway 5/10

the bumps are like spikes to help you mine lol

dude have some faith in ur self ur worse than me always putin ur self down

i think its great 9/10, better than the scimmy! :smiley:

better than the scimmy??! i liked the scimmy better!

i think u should make the red a little darker with some shades, if u know what i mean so its not just plain old bright red.