Dragon pickaxe

Just liek the other dragon claws thread.Y not a dragon pickaxe…

Lol there have been like a lot of suggestions for these… But that still is a good idea, I think runescape should do it.


Why not? cus Jagex is too lazy watching n00bs die in wildy :huge: thats why! lol.

I think you have to reconsider what jagex employee’s do in their spare time :smiley:

its a good idea it would give an mining atvantage to paying players

Lol: D Pick Special; "Super Mine; Mines 2 ores at a time, takes up 100% of sp. Energy! (Not For Use Of Pking/Training Combat) Lol…

drag pic would be kool. its special would hit the rock and you auto get the ore :slight_smile: