dragon pickaxes

:twisted: should there be dragon pickaxes member only of course and lvl 61 mining to use. i think this because rune is to slow for guild miners well it is for me i want somthing that shows im in the guild and sets me appart from the good (lvl 41) miners outside the guild who think they r good just cus they got a rune pick :twisted:

maybe something like this?

im sure runescape would totaly re design it, but thats just an idea…
maybe even a drag hatchet would be good too :stuck_out_tongue:

were would u get these new wepons if they excisted

i think the pick should represent the mining guild and how long u have trained to get into it

yea that would be awesome… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I think a dragon pickaxe and a dragon hatchet are great ideas. Jagex might even have made them and just be waiting for a while to release them.

Internet sources say that they have almost finished making the Dragon pickaxe. Not too sure about the hatchet though.

I think a dragon pick would be kind of dumb… i mean, how can you make a pickaxe look awesome likea drag baxe and long? And rune picks are fine…

i thinks its a good idea

I can think of a cool way for it to look (I can’t make a pic of it to save my life) but it would look cool. The two sides of it could be dragon teeth. Two really sharp white things coming out of a piece of wood. It would be awesome.

if would exist ,how much would it cost??? 8O

Let me think, since the pickaxes went like 3200, 32k, I would bet it would cost some where around 300k if it existed.

If a Dragon Longsword is 100K, I think a Dragon Pickaxe should be around 200K. 300K is a little much.

maybe it could only be from cule scrolls and they could be worth 300k

that would be so awesome!!! i wonder if it could mine iron any faster than a rune…imagine the possibilities…
wonder what mining lvl you would have to be…

Dragon Pickaxe would be good.

probally lvl 61 to use it.

maybe you have to have done shilo village quest

Is that anything like the Pic i drew? with the white teeth edges?

good idea