Dragon problems!!!

I often go to the wildy to kill red dragons. Recently I found that dungeon where the bronze and iron dragons are and I saw reds in there!!! Well when i tried to kill them it was crazy!!! those horrible dogs everywhere the baby reds… I think I would rather get killed in the wildy by my fellow rangers… only the lvl 90 ones. lol I think they should move them to an easier place even my lvl 107 friend has trouble there!!! What do u think?

baby red? is ther such a thing?!

yeah like baby blue. i still need to go to the dungeon.

I swept there with my bow. So many ranging places even with the dog threat. I got 12 red hides and my prayer almost lvled up :). Cant wait till 70 ranging. I hope all of you get the legs after I sell 10 pair. That way I will be rich and I will get to watch the market crumble :lol: