Dragon Reign Clan is Recruting!!!

This clan is f2p mainly, but members are welcome to join also. There are 8 diffrent groups withing the clan and you choose a group based on a skill. You can be in more than one group. Here are the groups :

Group 1: Warriors
Group 2: Mages/Runescrafters
Group 3: Archers/Rangers
Group 4: Priests
Group 5: Special Skills(Member skills)
Group 6: Miners/Smithers
Group 7: Woodcutting
Group 8: Fishing/Cooking/Firemaking

Just because you are in one group does not mean that is the only thing you do. We will be having a clan event each week. There will be fishing party’s, PK runs in the wildy, Clan Battles, and things along that line. There will also be group activities as well. Each group will have 1 group Leader. and there will be a High Council of 3 to handle the clan.

The High Council will be responsible for clan events, and the clan store. I think a clan store is a great idea. We donate what we do (with me it is mining) and take the items to get better items, then down the road, active clan members can get things like full rune, or full black (t) at a major discount). This only works if everyone helps though.

More updates are to follow.

Do not hesitate to contact me in game VanceD34
or an aim VanceD35
or email me v_donnell@hotmail.com

Founder :


High Council :

Group Leaders:

Group 1: Warriors - Moonless480
Group 2: Mages/Runescrafters - Vance-Magi
Group 3: Archers/Rangers - SuperApple20
Group 4: Priests - TBD
Group 5: Special Skills(Member skills) - TBD
Group 6: Miners/Smithers - Lego_rdon
Group 7: Woodcutting - Arcdemons1
Group 8: Fishing/Cooking/Firemaking - TBD

Clan page: http://s10.invisionfree.com/Dragons...dex.php?act=idx

The King 231 - Warrior
Runeblaze4 - Warrior
Freedom610 - Warrior
Chipmonksz - Warrior
Drakestorm0 - Warrior
darkm0tive - Warrior
kmjnhb - Warrior
kingscozza - Warrior
Lord Parro - Warrior
Blazefire2 - Warrior, Mining/smithing
crazyboypaul - Warrior/Ranging
Day Crawler7 - Archer/Warrior
TurboStangs - Archer
Boltclaw - Archer
energyzer111 - Mage
questboy 123 - Miner - Smither
Zzot - Miner
gotenx340 - Miner
Dr Eggpire - Miner (ranging when reaches level)
lego_rdon - runecrafting, mining/smithing/ cooking/fishing

You will enjoy all the clan, most of our members are at a high level. We will exept anyone, there is not a cut unless you are behaving badly. I Turbostangs really enjoy the friendlyness of everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

God Bless,