~~Dragon Scimmy In Action! Plus New Dragon Skirt Pictures!~~

here it is …




the first two are the d scimmy in action the second two are the d skirt in a trade screen and someone wearing the d skirt.

Its an okay pic. too many ppl in the way though and it doesnt show what the Dscimmy hit.

wow you killed someone feal spiecle…lol jk kool dude

looks pretty cool, and its cool now because im a member!!! woot, now all i need to do is dragon slayer, and lost city:(

u gotta put “

Dats pretty kool pic though

That wasnt u with the drag scimmy was it?

The link doesn’t work… but based on what people are saying, I want to see it. :?

coolio…where were you?

enjoy the new dragon skirt pictures 8)

Hubba Hubba Hubba… I just flew to the RS site now and looked at the update… D Scimmy is awesome! 8O

nice i like the plateskirt, it kinda looks like a wildy cape, kewl scimmy too!

awsome d scimmy and plateskirt… but i’m not a member… sigh :wink:

sigh man, i wanna c da d scimmy special in action!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Sweet u added a drag skirt :-p they look amazing

yeah i LOVE the skirt it looks great

Dude, you need to do Dragon slayer and lost city for dragon long sword not the scimmy. The scimmy you need to do monkey madness quest witch is 100 times harder then lost city.