Dragon Slayer.. Maze... Died..

I need help real quick with the dragon slayer quest. I had almost killed the lessor in the maze andi ran out of tuna, and he got lucky and 10’d me. Unfortunately, I lost my Maze Key. How can I get another Maze Key? I tried talking to Oziach but I can only ask him about the shield and the map.

I forget but I know there was another person you could talk to to get another maze key… I think it might have been one of the wizards in the wizard tower but please correct me if I’m wrong… (Because I’m 95% sure that I might be wrong…)

Try asking him about the map piece. Hopeufully, he’ll give you the key. If that doesn’t work, try talking to the head of the Champion’s Guild.

Iced has a sticky about dragon slayer… you can just ask there.