Dragon Warriors recruiting

The Runescape Dragon Warriors now Recruiting!!

The Runescape Dragon Warriors are a strong clan, been open a week and already has 16+ members. Ran by 2 people, me Hockey 3 16 and my lovely girlfriend Fantasyfox.

The Runescape Dragon Warriors is based on 6 key elements…

  1. Honesty

  2. Respect

  3. Integrity

  4. Passion

  5. Clan pride

  6. Honour

Last thing before I give you a link to the forums where it has further information…

The Clan has medals. You can earn them and get higher recognition in the clan. They are all on the website. You will be able to see all 15 of them once you are a registered member.

Please visit site, it is an awesome forum and will be growing rapidly


Home of the future number 1 clan in Runescape…Don’t you want to be part of it?

The forums are too…well…RED

wat lvl do u gotta b to join

on ur website i sore that u need it advancing into a real website so i was wondering if u wanted a hand for a treaty so we are friends rather than just oblivious to each other although our clan is small it contains strong people and although my person is weak atm i only started it on christmas eve and these are it’s stats

not to bad for only having it 15 days a, oh and all the clan members levels are on it and updated dayly when nessicery
oh and the site is www.geocities.com/pyrosdemon

Website is currently under construction.

If you looked around applications, then you will see the requirements.

Most people that visit the forums like it…So is why we never change it.

If you want to come ally, then come out and say it…I will consider it and private message ya ;)[/list]