dragon weapons!!!!!!!!!!!!

how much r dragon hallys, dragon longswords, and dragon b-axe???

You’ve already made a topic for this but here are the prices.

Dragon halbred-About 350k
Dragon longsword- 100k
Dragon b-axe- 200k

well, in shops it depends on the amount of stock ;), and strret prices are

drag hally - 300-350k
drag baxe - 150-200k
drag long - 90-120k

get a drag battle axe if you can…they are by far the coolest and best

But you also have to do certain quests before you can wield certain dragon weapons.

For dragon dagger and long-lost city quest
for dragon mace and battle axe-heroes quest
for dragon halberd-regicide
those are the quests you need to do

prices are:
Dragon dagger-50k
dragon lonsword-100k
dragon mace-50k
dragon battle axe-200k
dragon halberd-350k

Hope i’ve helped :smiley:

d long is 100k and d baxe is is 200k and d halberd is 325k, these r the same prices in the stores no matter what the quantity is

what store sells dragon weapons???

since dragon weapons r members only, can u use it on a free server to pk in the wildy?

you can still be wielding it but the combat styles will be punch, kick and block, your fighting stats will not be better because of the weapon so you will hit the same as unarmed.

Thats really kool. Does anyone know what quest allows you to wield claws?

yah its death plateau but claws suck

hally is 350k

long is 100k

b-axe is 200k

Requirements: all of them require 60 attack level.

Halberd: completed “Regicide” quest.
Longsword: completed “the lost city” quest.
B-axe: completed the “heros” quest.

you dont need to do a quest to wield them, you only need to do death platigue to smith them…

Regicide is worth dragon hally. It owns! It is very sexy :slight_smile: