Dragons and destroyers c'balls shop

Myself and destroyer are starting our very own shop to buy/make/sell c’balls so we are buying the ores and the bars to make them and we are selling the balls we make also we can make you the c’balls if you provide us with the materials

here are the lists what we are buying
Iron 1k and less 80 each 1k-5k 100 each 5k+ 125 each
Coal 1k and less 120 each 1k-5k 150 each 5k+ 175 each
Steel Bars 1k and less 500 each 1k and more 550 each

Cannon balls 5k and less 200 each 5k-25k 185 each 25k+ 175 each

Jobs we do
Make c’balls out of steel bars FREE!
Make Bars out of ores 1k = 20 each bar 1k-5k = 5 each bar 5k+ = FREE!

we also have workers for us
Will be paid the 1k-5k price for all ores they take us
Will get the mould and steel bars to make cannon balls and they can chose between bars and ores and they have to use the insurance methode or have the cannon balls already made
Will always buy sell the stuff we want them to get(note: only really trusted persons will get this job and will get a PM with all the rules regarding the rules on how they must do this)

our current stock
iron ores - 0
coal ores - 0
steel bars - 0
cannon balls - 0

is there any chance of not working full time but just part time? im only allowed 2 hours a week on rs so i dont really wanna commit myself too much. if there is let me know via rsr pm. oh also i wouldn’t mind smithing some steel bars!

first off all: gimme my 545 steelbars before you start a thing like that.
second off al i don’t recommand that people trust you with there ores.

well i am still waiting for my 545 steelbar order so hurry up, you know the consequences :wink:

stig i told you i working on it and they are almost ready and dont SPAM up my thread!!!

We will be working on it! We will make cannon balls out of steel bars (max of 200) for free and also smelting the ores into steel bars for a small fee of 10gp per bar. Thank you.

alright i updated the first post with some small changes

Maybe we should lower the prices for cannon balls. Maybe 175gp each, 185gp each then 200gp each. We increase as we go because they are hard to make.

the more they but the less they pay thats the best cause that way they will order more cannon balls so they wont pay to much each cannonball

Then put those prices but in reverse order.

did that but prices will change wich depends on the stock

Cmon! Order people! We also accept feedback!

no1 wo wants to oreder something or work for us???
not even some1 to give us feedback???

Any1???feedback Or An Order/work Application Is Appreciated!!

hum- if you wanted to add a seperate section for cannon balls you should of PMed me and i would of placed on our shop. considering we get lots of traffic in our shop, lol.