Dragonwood recruiting 80+ Combat

Consider Dragonwood

Just about everybody that’s been interested with the clan community knows about Dragonwood and it’s members. The unique bunch of world wide RS players always joking around with each other, having tons of fun, helping others out, and beating our rivals senseless in the wilderness. We’re also a renowned skills clan with many expert artisans, fletchers, smithers, and miners, who extend the involvement of our members into the other genres of being in a clan to more than just PKing. But we are still the undisputed #20 on many people’s best clans lists. We have some of the most loyal as well as friendly members you should ever hope to meet.

Dragonwood’s events range from weekly PK trips (f2p and p2p), KBD/KQ slayings, logging matches, fishing trips, fire fests, addy wars, free-for-alls, scavenger hunts, skill building contests, wars, and much, much more. There will always be things to do when you’re part of our awesome clan!

Requirements to get in to our clan are the following:

80+ combat

Here are some pictures of us at events:

V da man got a dragon chain on that trip

^ Getting ready to mini-war Demonic Legendz.

^ In the heat of battle against DL, in which we would come out on top.

^a yew woodcutting event which we raised over 1k yew logs for our clan bank

and heres some pictures of our pk trips:

^one of our massive trips which turned into a mini war

^another picture of another one of our massive pk trips

^As you can see, we do have good turn outs to events planned 1 week before but we also get ok turnouts at spur of the moment trips

As you can see, we’re a pretty well organized and fun clan. I assure you though that there’ve been many skill tournaments, all with 100k or more as prizes, and just ordinary mining trips and the like too.

So if you’d like to stop by and check us out, and hopefully join us, visit our forums right here: http://4ampro.net/dragonwood/

Please note, we have a 1 clan only rule.

I truly hope you give Dragonwood a good look at. I hope to see you around!

Live Long, Stay Strong!

Satan504 ~ DW High Council