Drawvan Furnice

i think there should be a furnice in the draven mines. Because you keep on having to walk back and forth and it gets a little bit enoying.

what do you people think?

The whole point of the game is to be challenging. Putting a furnace there will make it too easy to raise levels.

Indeed Elf, You will also inflate the economy with ores and bars, thus inflating all prices as a result of a domino effect.

Good idear i think they should realy cause there is only 1 furnice in falador they should put more it

Not much walking needed. Just go down a stairwell in fally and there is the mines. Go up the stairwell and there is fally.

i dont think thats a great idea…like what darkelf said…it would make it too easy…if there was a furnace there…the prices for ores and bars and maybe some armor would go down like crazy…

Id rather it be easy though!

You’re just lazy, you just think you can just take the easy way out? It might be easier for you, hey you might even destroy the mining and smithing economy while it happens! Think about it, you’ll just end up making less money per trip anyway.

It wouldn’t be good.

If that happened, Many people could get 99 Smithing in no time. In the Highscores, the Top 500,000 would probably all have 99 Smithing. That’s how bad things can get.
Everyone would have such a high Smithing level… But the rest of their other skills wouldn’t be as good as Smithing.

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

But i still think they should add another furnice to falador

Why? We can all use the furnace at the same time, and its at the middle between both banks, so it will take the same time between each trip if you go to different banks.

it would just make a place to get to 99 smith without much of a walk.

I totally agree!! Even though those big words confuse me… :slight_smile:

Theres no need to really have a furnace in the Dwarven Mines. All you need to get your smithing really high is alreaady there. All you need is 43 Magic, a load of nats and a fire staff - theres a general store to sell your smithed items and anvils to smith your bars on. What more could you want? (lol)

Yes thats true just superheat the dang thing… but it is a problem for poor people who cant buy that many nats.
What will you people think of next, a furnace and anvil at the rune mines?