DREAMS do come True!

im so happy and if u wanna buy pm me =) rsn:immadspicy located usually in world 91 :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :hyper:

EDIT:im the one with the black wiz hat in front of the person with addy g

congrats man…
have a good time

Congratz, Have fun getting rich at magics :slight_smile:

w00t lol…are magic logs easy to sell?

congratz there man. if you wanna cut magics come to world 28 thats where i usually cut :slight_smile:

and yes joey magics are super easy to sell especially on forums.

congrats on 75wc

nice man! have and awsome time at magics! and there easy to sell in world 2

congratz and nice stats

:headbange flamable000

good job man…i can never bring myself to realize that cutting trees would b worth it no matter how borring it is

haha thanks guys and oh i sell mage logs for 1k each so pm if u need them =) ill be cuttin mages after i get 70 fletching

Aw nice man! Have fun getting rich.

anyone wanna chat…? im kinda bored… lol :fluffy:

hu likes my picture…? please say you do rate it k?

i think its pretty cool dnt you? if you want ill give you my pure to rate…

hello? is ne1 there??

ok… oh well im gonna go start a new thread saying rate my pure!!

In the future, try not to quadruple post. This is a message board, not an instant messanger.

oh im very sorry. im new at this… soz

Slurdle, read the rules. What you just did is a big nono.

Good luck to 99 woodcutting, s1eepyzone!