drop party on new years

there gonna be a drop party on new years eve with a hole lot of beer ect…
this is not a scam like othe guy who scammed us all.
c u on new years

ok Ill come


o dude sry about the president thing my bad
well new years there gonna be alot of beer i can tell u that.u’ll fighure out the rest. o yeh it’s gonns be…
time-10:00 p.m. to weneva i feel like it eastern time
where-u pick where (im running poll for about 60 days to let da people vote.then i run pole for 10 days for actual place)

what i can tell what will be dropped- probally alot of beer,over 2,00 wine, food and other stuff.
world-my home world which is world 31

ill come, have it b like rimmington or sumthing where ppl wont b

i think on one on these pgaes there a thing about scam’s and cheating well i saw it and i didn’t like it so im pesponding to u.
it’s really annoying and i hate scammer’s :!:

who scammed us neways, i was goin to edit my post but u already posted, cuz if ur talkin about xxteargodxx, he never got ne donations

dude it was sniper28 who scammed over 1,500 people but other people started one and it was fun. i just hate scammer’s

lol, i must not of been here for that, did they ban him?

no i wish they would though

it would not matter to me as long asi can get something

Heard there was some talking about me going on, I will not name who has told me but its good to know I still have a friend here who keeps an eye out for my name when its being talked about. I’d like to state that the drop party I was going to hold that I have NOT accepted any donations from ANYONE so if anyone dare comes in this topic & lies saying you gave me donations that is a flat out lie I took donations from anyone. I had left this place for a long needed break that I needed cause of some peopel here I will not name, hope this helps letting you know I scammed nobody.

yay! ur back, and are u staying? neways thats what i tried to tell him and they shud ban sniper! cuz he scammed ppl

yeh they should

Yah you here to stay??? That is really dum how some 1 would scam like that. Ive had a bad history with scammers and I really hate it when people so that kinda stuff.

lets start to get on topic again plz before anyone get a warning.

Teargod, it’s good to have you back buddy. We’ve almost gotten rid of the vermin that sort of made you take a break.

Anyways, the drop seems interesting and maybe I will tag along.

shud i bring stuff to drop!?!?!?!?!

tell me, if u had the chance to scam 1500 people easily, would you?

ill have to say, hell yeah
and i dont need any back talk from what i said

Ok ill come, what time GMT?