Drop Party pics

only one sry. :stuck_out_tongue: put ur pics here if u have any

click to enlarge

EDIT: actually lets start posting pics here! i can never find the other topics…keep falling back from new posts.
ill post some soon!

chaosnoob. will u add me to friends? i added u

yea sure.
heres a pic too, in wildy. when u guys so creuly killed that poor lvl 3! how cruel can u guys be!?

EDIT:Heres another: World 10 0wnage!

Blink has finally arrived!

Didnt get a pic of my fanclub though…im sure Michaelks and Arimosa know what im talkin about :slight_smile:

haha. i left before that happend

it was hilarious…they killed a poor innocent Lvl 3!!!

EDIT: posted another.

hehehehe. what did he drop? anything?

lets name and shame
billybob kileld chaos noob and me.

Nothing i think…not sure.
im just gonna Edit other pics into that first post of mine witha pic. so i dont double post or such.

o. chaos. should i keep the 2 rune helms i got? or sell them (med helms)

umm…not sure. if u need a helmet i guess keep one. Rune med helms are sweet. i like meds better than fulls so id sell one for 10k then wear the other.
and yea i added u

hey…im in that one picture…im the guy in full bronze and normal staff…lol…that party was kinda fun…

Here’s all the pictures I got…

Sweet Andy im like right in the middle of the last pic. w/ the white and blue dec and sara staff :slight_smile:

Also sowatkillme’s right. wdf did Billybobsill attack me?

Lmao, I am the one in the 2nd pic of Andy’s yelling “Hooters!”
That was so fun even though I died pking! xD

lol i remember that. funny. that was a great party too…

at drop party i was in full mime and drag long pking i was rune scimmy and coif lol.

I was in full Decorative (white/blue) with a Sara staff. im sure some of u can spot me out :slight_smile:


lol u kept asking me for stuff but i didnt get anything at all really…