dude this guy stupid

Sorry for bad title but siriously dude look at text afterwards

errr its a typical noob i seen that a lot :slight_smile:

What kind of a noob is he?

He was like mad afterwards

Lol As metro said Typical Noob

Lol that’s either some stupid kid who thought he could get away with it, or someone who really thought that was a fair trade.

ha what a noob!

if i showed wat i said u would ban me TRUST me

i guess he thought a steel short was worth 175k…

ya right wed be buying those and mergenting them

srry for double post…my screen got blured

i dont think theres a kind of noob…

god your right he is a gay ass

lol hopefully he was trying to get away with it…if not, i’m lmao

lol, but guys. i dont thiunk we r supposed to say: noob, and stupid noob. just wanted to put that out there, but yeah, i under stand, lol i had a guy put up 2-k for my maul once, lol.

u missed out on a great deal!!! lol j/k what a idiot

what if he was a newb and not a noob and didnt know much about the game yet…what was his lv…

Like worker sayd…he probly didnt know anything…he probly got it after beating a white knight and thinking “wow from a tuff guy like that i could get alot of mula for this sword!!!”…i say just correct them and just walk away…and if he follows…then hes a noob and not a newb…srry to say but thats how it gos…

his lvl was 49=p

aaaw thats totally adorable, he doesnt know much about the game, why u care?