Dueling arina stakes won

i was in dueling arina and dragoon man8 wanted to stake me…so i did

and he didnt stop there…

u would think he would learn a lesson but no…

blush did i do that

and how did i loose o.O :’(

alot of that were restakes though

lolz all i can say is lol :rotfl:

I’ll cook those lobs :stuck_out_tongue:

can u make the pictures better\bigger nice tho

i lost an estimate of 5mil i think :S

im… how u say it,…not very good with pics atm…im lerning slowley

thanks for the offer but i need cooking exp my self

no double posting

Great stakes man!!! sorry bout your luck dragon…

oh sry didnt relise, playing rs and on rsr at same time

nice tho i can see some of it

whi does this look like it was all setup? i mean noone would stake full rune, sara armor, full red mystic and like 3k lobbs! or wood they…ah watever, if they are real, great job! if they are only a fake to manipulate our minds thinking that this is real, then shame on you.:slight_smile:

wow… nice wins on stakes… Hey dragoon, look on the bright side! You made Mjohnmj a very happy man!

why u bet all that if u know u will lose!

Nice stakes u got there :huge:

dragoonman wanna stake me? :smiley:
just kiddin…

nice stakes…but try to make pics bigger

Wow those are some REALLY nice stakes.

wow nice sara pl8 is my fav :slight_smile:

those are realy nice stakes man i wish i had that stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

haha peeps don’t learn lessons