Dueling Or Wilderness

Which do you prefer , i prefer dueling because of you choose what u can loose and u can fight anyone n get xp.Wildy u dont choose what u loose n u can only attack peeps around ur lvl.what about u

Dueling, I’m…er…scared of the wilderness lol.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

Well most ive ever gone in wilderness with is full mith with rune sword.With my clan.Dueling is soo much better

WILDERNESS! getting stuff>>>>>>>j00

Duel, you know what you are going to get and lose, and they can’t tele…

Dueling… i am a scaredy pker and its comforting to kno that I wpnt use anything

dueling… I’m scared to go to wildy… I only go there to kill green drags…

i like the wildy you can get good stuff up there

Dueling. Too many sissies and cowards in the wilderness. Someone challenges you to a fight, they teleblock you, then either try to bind you, or just mage you. Then when you get close to killing him, he runs away. There is no honor in fighting in the wilderness.

got that right iced, dueling is a bit harder though knowing that your opponent will use his best stuff to fight you

No, at least they don’t tele, or if you have low prayer you can take off prayer :p, it is easier and more honorable…


no dueling is harder because some wimps don’t dare to take their best stuff into the wilderness…however, your right about the fact that noobs can’t tele in the duel arena :stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer dueling because you get regular xp for everytime you do damage and in wilderness, there are too many variables to be accounted for (Don’t I sound proffessional? =D). Such as clans, teams, bsing, logging, running, and teleporting.

~Infiltrator4 :ninja:

Close init…

dueling because u can do mono y mono

Dueling seems… fairer. Plus if you’re in wilderness, the dragons come after you. - -

im f2p, so ive never dueled before,
but sounds better then the wilderness
wilderness is full of wusses and sissies that run away when theyre about to die

dueling is more honorable and there is some wussys in the duel arena as well couse they dont wana fight a ranger and louse there stuff thats the dishonorable thing about the duel arena

I like the pressure and thrill of the wild, duel arena is too boring for me

Wilderness, Dueling is for cowards, in the wilderness its a win or loose, no middle grounds, you either kill or be killed, if they get to run from you your strong yes, but your not a skilled pker – wilderness is about skill not so much strength, while dueling arena is strength only