Duke password change?

I saw Duke on the other day, which sparked me as odd, and then 30 minutes later the website was “hacked” again (if you can call it that?).

Maybe he needs his password changed and his computer cleaned?

Seems a shame, forum was brought back and it’s dead. Rsr has been around for years we need it to make a comeback. Maybe back it’s Gamerz Realm again. Basing it on one game makes it hard to expand.

“Gamerz Realm” was right about the time the forum really started to die. It’s hard to say what the real death was, but we cannot deny that 4chan had a good bit to do with it. People just became downright mean to everyone. Constant trolling in every direction. Shame really, since those people were not even over 18 for the most part and allowed to even use 4chan.

What needs done? I don’t know. Maybe nothing. Maybe RSR is finally done. I don’t want that and I’m sure a lot of us don’t want that. No matter what happens though, the trolling needs to stop. We couldn’t even get members faster than the 4channers pushed the new members away. =/

Yeah, I don’t really know how this website would operate under one game, either.

However, I have no suggestions whatsoever. It’s really quite sad to see this forum dying, especially after the glory years and all the traffic it once had.


Maybe just a “gaming general” board. One thing is for certain though, we definitely need an actual set of rules again. I don’t know how often I begged and pleaded for that but we just never got it. Trolling, flaming, flamebaiting and general 4channery just kinda tookover.

As much as I’d like to see this forum running again, it seems as though, with the hacks and all, that we’re just getting kicked while we’re down.

I can understand the need for new rules. However, I think I’m the only moderator who’s been active in the last 2 weeks or so. It’s kind of disparaging.

Goodbye RunescapeRealm hello GamerzRealm.
That’s all there is to it. Runescape Community is the biggest rs forum. Nothing will change that.

“GamerzRealm”? Probably not. The Z and everything just makes it feel immature, childish, and something born in the 1990s. That whole thing was marketed and handled so poorly that it forever killed the original (already successful) product. I do agree about RSC though.

There needs to be one runescape section and one off topic section.

thats about it. but i doubt these forums have any life to them because runescape is a dying game. i feel like the only people still playing the game are the people that once played it and still like to, no young or old people are just now starting to play for the first time. but as knotalive said, no forum stands a chance these days because 4chan is so darn funny! i just know that if i ever want to talk to anyone i know from here i have facebook. also i wish i could bring myself to play runescape but i dont want to spend money on members anymore and i dont really sit at my house that often and if i am im playing xbox or watching netflix.

I disagree with funny. Good joke though.

sarcasm bruh :tilt:

I’m glad I checked to see that RSR is back online. Iced was very mad when it happened. No idea if it can survive or whatnot… Just decided to check after I got a birthday email. I miss it here, even if it was decaying

This site should just be run like MMOChampion.

Your right in fact, someone had gotten a hold of my account briefly, however all it took was for me to go through the server back-end to get control back.

Still trying to run down a few errors. Once again sorry for the issues!

I’m just glad to have you back, Duke!