Dun Dun Dun! A Tragic Change To Sarpedeon!!

As You All Know…When You Are A Member, You Get A Membership Time Limmit Unless Payed Again Before Membership Time Runs Out. Unfortunately Sarpedeon Isnt A Member Anymore B/C My Parents Couldnt Pay…Sigh…Ahh Well!! God Bless!! :slight_smile:

P.S. (Sorry For Sounding So Dramatic!! :S)

Oohh Yeah! I Got SO Bored I Went Pking!! (I killed one Yay!) :huge:


EDIT:I Narrowed It Down So That It Doesnt Take Too Much Space! :slight_smile:

ok, ill pitch in a dollar a month, who else will help, we are going to get him on members again… u just watch

Lol Wow :eek: Thanks For The “Support” But Still, NO NEED GUYS!


lol…once u get members, f2p seems so boring doesnt it?

Not really…I mean, I get To Chillax With All Of My Peeps I Left Behind! Ya Know What I Mean?


Hooray for edumacation!


lol…ya, i noe wat u mean…u dont see many of ur f2p friends anymore once ur a member, unless they become members too:)

Yeppers…Sigh, I dropped all of my member things!! :frowning: But still, worth the time with buddys

Hooray for edumacation!!