Dun try to pk mein pure plx

I got attacked by 2 pures. I teled and came back with pk gear but they were gone :frown:

A second later a clan of about 7 logged in. They tagged me for a while until I fought a guy with rune and dds. I hit 21 and then he called for sum1 else to take over. I then hit 23-18 for the ko.

The chased me back to varrock till I had no food and 30hp (h). I got away tho :blush:

Nice! Your main must have owned them ? Dam prayer newbies

W00T FIRST POST! :spin:

telenub :o

Nice work :smiley:

I was training =,=


fanx lilleh :slight_smile:

nice. Whats (h)?

(h) its the cool sign on msn. and nice pk

oh lol :tongue: or :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe. Nice! Must your PK gear include tellys though?

I was initially training so teleportation is justified :slight_smile:

swish, got around my own rules.

Nice new name my pures name is Hawt Old Lady, ROFL. xD Nice kill.


u didnt read whole post.

You had telerunes in the wild and you flame other people for it.


K? You were planning on PKing. You PK with telerunes, not cool.

If your training or killing drags with tellys its fine. But you admitted that you were PKing.

boom hs!!11!!

I was coming back up to kill them, thus chasing them away, thus clearing the area for training.

cool story, keep up the good work

You come back in β€œpk gear” and you come with teles and if you come back with teles that means it can be included in your pk gear.