dwarven cannon

what stats does it raise? and what do you have to be to be able to use it?

Uh I do know it raises your ranged if that’s what your asking. (It like you know… Shoots cannonballs… Lol) And the only requirments for it is that you need to do the quest and have the money for it. (Total 750k)

It doesnt raise any skills,

U need no range level to use it

You need cannon balls

it hits up to 30’s

But-RRGH I thought it did! :mad: Lol I was gonna save up fo one… To get ranged xp… But since you don’t get xp from it… I see no point in buying it lol.


It gets you Range xp, but it doesn’t increase your ranging stats in the equipment panel.

Give good range/hp xp. Kills everything in its site, it’s awesome.

It gives range xp only, no hp.

can u set it up in wildy and own ppl with it?

I don’t think you can use it in the wild… But I thoguht you couldn’t get any xp from it… Now I know you can! I’m happy again lol :stuck_out_tongue:


:bored: u cant use in wildy

Lol you seem bummed out… But you can’t 'cause it’d be way to easy to kill people, and then you’d become rich too quickly and stuff.


No no i want a full black helmet for 50k

Raises ranging

what are u talking about??

Huh? Oh you seem new… Lol I don’t think you shoulda posted that here… Whatever… But I got a question-How much xp do you get from say, hitting a 30 on a guy?


yep, you get range exp, and it owns, you cant use in castlewars, and clearly not wildy either, not sure if you can use in duel arena

yo i will sell you one for 30k cheap aint it
rs name skellybelly8

ok ill buy

only 30K right.

i dont think u can use it in duel arena…i’ve never seen it there before…im not sure though

went from cannon to black plate this doesnt make sense