Y is easter bunny in runescape :?: Y :?: can any one tell me and Y do we get chicken for easter and egg from easter and can we still get things from strong monster like white knight :?:

The Easter Bunny is merely a holiday drop like event… Kinda like how last year around Christmas, Santa was around on certain places in RS to hand out presents such as yo-yo’s… To celebrate Easter, Jagex decided to do a similar thing by putting the Easter Bunny in the same places who is around to give out Easter Baskets and such for those once-in-a-lifetime treats… Though this time, Jagex seems to have added a little mini-quest along with the holiday event… I’m guessing the rubber chicken is a reward for completing the Bunny’s quest… I’m not sure as I haven’t been on RS recently to confirm all of this info… Correct me if I’m wrong…

well because the game wants to b funny i guess. same with santa coming 2