Easy way to get dragon scimitar, or money

well there was a new update today that has tons of people doing monkey madness quest, or coming back to get a d scimitar.
As we would all think its busy when hundreds of people r trying to buy
I found a easier way,
if u have done the quest, u want 1, just talk to the scimitar seller, dont trade, jsut talk, and ask if he has any dragon scimies in stock, you can buy as many that way as u want, and not having to fisht with lots of people trying to get 1 by trading him,

this is for members only, and have to of done the quest
meanwhile, there r a lot of people trying to get 1, and u can sell there for around 20 to 30k extra

can ui tell me how much does it cost?

ya and whats its special attack?

i want to do monkey maddness not for that but to be able to turn into a monkey lol but i havent done lost city which i want to to be able to get drag weps and i havent done drag slaya cus i dont have enough quest points cus i hate doin quests

I think it cost 100k :frowning:

No, your theory is wrong, it DOES NOT work like that, well it didn’t when i was there…and it cost 108k…

~ ewok

i plan on doing that quest soon

wow! lol when it first came out sum1 2 sell it 2 me 4 200k!



lol i heard they cost 108k and that u HAVE to do monkey madness quest before u get one so anyone who wants to get one has to do the quest before!

Anakin Skywalker~

yeah, lol i got one, but i couldnt use it, so i traded it for a d-long.

i just merchanted mine, i bought for 110k and sold for 120k :lol: