Eat this Skyler and Satancha0s!

Haha! You thought I forgot about our little race.
Well, I havent. Here are some Screen shots. Satan
thought he was soo cool in his last post showing he had
the race snapped clean for him to win, but nope, Im still here!
This is just a little side of my competative spirit that your seeing :smiley:
Well, heres a few :hyper:

BTW, I believe satan and I are tied for first with 50/60, but I dont knoow about skyler, because he just will prolly post his screenshots in a bunch like me :wink:
PS Good luck Satan and Skyler :wink: :slight_smile:

Nice Job, How are you training it?

Ehh, Ive been just teleing, but that, i realized, doesnt grow hp, so im unna use crumble undead latr

ha ha try to beat me i dare you

wow this is intense! good luck to all… :slight_smile:

hehehe, intense is my middle name.

i have 49 mage and satan last time i checked has 50 :slight_smile:

Good luck… I’ll race you to 60! Ha! I beat you a loooong time ago. =)